Anti-Complaint VPS, Anti-Complaint Server (DMCA FREE), here mainly refers to VPS and independent servers that ignore copyright complaints.

 Because too many businesses publicize anti-complaint. In fact, they will be dealt with after being complained, here roughly collect some businesses that say anti-complaint is still good on the network, welcome feedback!

The server started operating in 2012. All servers are in Serverius B.V. in the Netherlands.

Business prohibitions: Spamhaus (Spam), child pornography, fraud, illegal drugs (including drugs), hacking, mass mailing, reverse agents, illegal substances, counterfeit goods, foreign exchange, virtual currency (game currency is not good).

Payment accept: PayPal, credit card, bitcoin

The server began operation in 2007.

Apart from the American and Canadian computer rooms, Russia, Hong Kong and the Netherlands can choose.

Only accept the local jurisdiction of the computer room where the server is located.

Prohibit: child pornography, counterfeit goods, mass mail, endangering public health, safety, welfare behavior!

Payment accept: PayPal, credit card, bitcoin